Black Hat vs White Hat SEO

a graphical representation of black hat vs white hat seo as taught by Simba at Simba Academy
a graphical representation of black hat vs white hat seo as taught by Simba at Simba Academy
Black Hat SEOvsWhite Hat SEO
Auto-generated spun and low quality content. Usually uses click-bait to get traffic but the content is never useful to users. Content is stuffed with keywords for sake of ranking on search engines.ContentHigh quality, readable, and content is relevant to searchers queries. Keywords and their synonyms/LSI keywords are used as long as they are useful to the website user.
Uses hidden texts and hidden links, cloaking i.e. sneaky redirects to trick the search engines into ranking them.Search EnginesDoes not violate the search engine webmaster guidelines.
Unsecured websites vulnerable to malware. Website usually full off pop-ups, interstitial ads and aggressive linking to affiliate products. Websites usually slow due to flash content and ads.Customer Experience (UX)Website is secured, mobile-friendly and fast loading. Adverts are kept to a minimum and non-intrusive.
Uses PBNs (Private Blog Networks) and link schemes to generate backlinks. Usually involves buying Backlinks.BacklinksBacklinks are earned i.e. Editorial backlinks. Focus is on building long-term relationships.

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