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What is an SEO Audit?

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A check to find any SEO issues that affect website organic traffic.

An SEO Audit should check that: 

  • The website serves business goals
  • The website content is useful to users and helps get traffic
  • The website pages serve humans and search engines well
  • The website is easy to use and navigate for humans and search engines
  • The website gives users the best experience across many devices
  • The website is secure
  • The website is competitive in the search engine results pages
What is an SEO Audit?

Benefits of an SEO Audit

  1. You know how your site is performing
  2. Helps you spot issues that prevent search engines from crawling, indexing and ranking your site. 
  3. You know the health status of your website and issues that affect your online visibility.
  4. You get a clear picture of what your business competitors are doing pushing you to raise your SEO game.
  5. You can check whether your site content is suitable and helping meet business goals
  6. You can increase your domain authority by applying the right SEO strategies influenced by an SEO audit.
  7. It helps you create a strategy to increase sales and leads.
  8. It helps you maximise the volume of targeted online traffic coming to your site.
  9. It helps you understand the factors that influence your website’s search engine ranking.
  10. Helps you identify and resolve issues that got your site penalised by Google.

When Should You Do An Audit?

  • Regular basis i.e. monthly/quarterly/half-yearly.
  • After a significant drop in organic traffic.
  • After a site redesign or migration.
  • After a google manual action (penalty).

Before You Conduct An SEO Audit

  • Know the business objectives
  • Know the industry (niche) and top competitors.
  • Know the history of the website, the business and future plans e.g. site redesign, site migration etc.
  • Ensure you have access to Google Search Console, Analytics and the website (CMS).

SEO Audit Tools

Please refer to the SEO Tools section but to conduct an SEO Audit you mainly need:

  • Google Search Console or any webmaster console
  • Google Analytics or any analytics software
  • A backlink checker

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